Blog about torque sensors and force sensors

22. June 2021

How to measure the torque? Torque plays an important role in many applications. For smooth operation and maximum effectiveness, it is important to measure this nominal […]
27. May 2021

Elementor #6589

MAGNETICALLY INDUCTIVE TORQUE SENSOR – NOT A REVOLUTION, BUT AN EVOLUTION Many companies in the field of sensor technology are looking for the next step, an […]
25. May 2021

What types of force transducers/ force sensors are there? The new magnetization technology revolutionizes measurement technology The traditional force transducer or force sensor has the task […]
25. May 2021

HOW IS THE TORQUE CALCULATED? If you want to calculate the torque, you must first determine the area of application. This is because a torque appears […]
25. May 2021

Power sensor: a powerful effect with many measurment methods The force sensor is used in many different areas and normally measures the force through the elastic […]