Force sensors (also called force transducers) measure different forces acting on an object. These include bending and axial forces (tensile and compressive forces).

In industrial applications, for example in mining and tunneling, axial loading forces (tensile and compressive forces) can act on a carrier or a shaft. Based on the magnetic Active Torque principles, our sensor technology can measure these forces precisely and without contact. The force sensor works with any ferromagnetic test object (for example: solid shaft, hollow tube). The sensor module is mounted on the ferromagnetic test object where measurements (e.g., axial force) are to be made. Inside, the sensor module emits an alternating magnetic field, which penetrates the surface of the test object. The mechanical forces acting on the test object influence the alternating magnetic field and its properties. These changes are detected by the sensor element and passed on for processing in the sensor electronics. Then it shows how much force acts on the object.



Contactless measurement by magnetic interaction


High signal bandwidths possible


Insensitive to overload because the sensor is not in the power flow


Integration of the sensor even in the smallest space


Modular construction kit for various applications

Temperature Resistant

Wide temperature range through suitable components


High long-term stability


Insensitive to disturbances

Insensitive to disturbances

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Load detection in joints and shafts in truck and automotive applications. By mounting the sensor on the axle, the axle load of a truck can be measured and transmitted to a controller. Integration into steering systems also allows steering forces and lateral influences on steering systems to be measured.


Weighing technology
Force measurement for heavy duty applications suits perfectly to the sensor principle. By properly designing the sensor in the application, highly accurate measurements for trucks or other heavy goods can be developed.

Weighing technology

Lifting technology
By integrating the sensor with rope winches, supporting cylinders or other points that absorb the forces generated by cranes, it is possible to make precise measurements of the statics and load design. The information can be used to trigger safety shutdowns to protect the user from accidents.

Lifting technology

In hydraulic cylinders, the forces that are generated can be measured by the force sensor and, e.g. used to implement a force control in the hydraulic system.


Force sensor


Sample rate


Thanks to its high internal signal bandwidth of up to 1,000 measurements per second, the Active Force Sensor is ideal for dynamic applications.

Min. Temp.


Our force sensor can be used without problems in cold temperatures down to -40 C °.

Max. Temp.


The components used in the sensor module are qualified to a maximum temperature of 105 ° C.


2% FS

The Active Torque sensor in combination with the right shaft material can achieve an absolute accuracy of about 2% FS


  • Contactless measuring principle
  • Every ferromagnetic, hardened measuring point is suitable
  • No magnetization of the shaft required
  • Different shaft diameters feasible
  • No damage to the sensor due to overload
  • No influence by magnetic interference fields
  • Insensitive to water, oil and dust
  • No limitations in the speed
  • Digital interfaces

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