Simple OEM sensor application through modular concept

Direct Torque Measurement: Unique technology for detecting mechanical forces in waves. The torque sensor forms with the shaft a tuned measuring system which can be economically produced in large quantities. The Magnetic Sense technology creates a unique force and torque sensor for series applications. Sensors with this technology can measure torques, bending forces and axial loads (tensile and compressive forces).

The contactless and active sensor solution based on the magnetostrictive principle consists of the following individual components:

• Mechanical sensor module (must be mounted on the measuring shaft)
• Sensor electronics (integrated in the sensor)
• Connection cable (connects the electronics to the user system)
Torque sensor



Measured values through magnetic interaction with the measuring shaft

Measuring frequency

Very high system dynamics with a measured value output of 1kS / s


Rust, dust and oil do not affect the measurement result


The sensor can be integrated by adapting to different customer-specific applications

Modular concept

Adaptable to different applications thanks to a modular construction kit

Temperature range

Thanks to integrated temperature compensation, a measuring range of -40 .... 120°C can be achieved.

Overload protection

Shielded against mechanical overload


Reliable robust measurement signal


Energy savings and emissions reductions require more and more information about the engines. Our measuring sensors can be used to measure the output power of motors and transmit the information to the controller. Magnetic Sense multi-force sensors determine torque, bending forces and axial load for you (tensile and compressive forces).


With our torque sensors, measurements can also be made in the low-speed range found on e-bikes. A torque sensor installed in the engine or bottom bracket determines the speed and the torque.


Drive technology
Information about the torques of a machine is indicative of its static and dynamic loading. In addition, by measuring the rotational speed, it is easy to determine the performance of a drive train.

Drive technology

Thanks to their robust and resistant construction, our sensors are also suitable for demanding industrial applications, such as construction, agricultural and forestry machines.


Torque sensor

Sample rate


With high intrinsic signal bandwidth of up to 1,000 measurements per second, the Active Torque sensor is ideal for dynamic applications.

Min. Temp.


Our multi-force sensor can be used without problems in cold temperatures down to -40 C °.

Max. Temp.


The components used in the sensor module are qualified to a maximum temperature of 105 ° C.


2% FS

The Active Torque sensor in combination with the right shaft material can achieve an absolute accuracy of about 2% FS


Torque sensor

Our multi-force sensor works with any ferromagnetic test object (for example: solid shaft, hollow tube) and can be used to measure torques, bending forces and axial forces.

The sensor module of an Active Torque Sensor is placed on the ferromagnetic test object where the measurements (for example, torque) are to be taken. The sensor element inside the module emits an alternating magnetic field, which penetrates the surface of the test object. The mechanical forces acting on the test object influence the alternating magnetic field and its properties. These changes are detected by the sensor element and passed on for processing in the sensor electronics.


The Active Torque sensor can be used at any measuring point made of ferromagnetic material. The measuring shaft should additionally be hardened and demagnetized. By initializing the sensor, material parameters can be entered. In order to achieve high accuracy, it is necessary to perform a two-point calibration. The two-point calibration involves applying a load to which the sensor reading is normalized.
  • Non-contact sensor (static and rotating)
  • Non-contact sensor (static and rotating)
  • Minimization of aging through the design
  • Simple sensor application to OEM measuring shafts
  • Digital output signals
  • Insensitive to interference
  • Robust for mechanical shocks or vibrations

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