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Forces measured with our torque and force sensors

Forces and the resulting movement determine our lives.
Thus it is increasingly important for us to grasp and measure the forces that move us. The forces and momentums are introduced into the rods and shafts, which change their mechanical stresses.
This results in a modified magnetic interaction.

Our force sensors can measure this magnetic interaction and decompose it into the individual force vectors.
Combining with planar PCB-based coils, integrated magnetic return and evaluation electronics, it creates an ultra-compact sensor that redefines the world of forces and weights.

Capture and measure forces

With its force sensor, Magnetic Sense offers a completely new product type that can be used multifunctionally in many applications and markets. The technology offers different OEM sensor solutions.

Magnetic Sense's unique solution has created a sensor that can detect tensile, compressive forces and torques.

Our magnetic inductive fuel sensors

Efficient and safe measurement

The solution provided by Magnetic Sense makes it possible to improve the efficiency of many products across different industries and thus has a positive impact on fuel and energy consumption. In the area of security and load management, completely new possibilities emerge.

Given all these aspects combined with the flexibility of the force sensor, we have created a unique, innovative, versatile, multifunctional and cost-effective solution.

Due to our new unique technology, the sensor is very robust against interference.

With the help of an active magnetic field, the changes in the microstructure are accurately recorded.

One sensor type can be used for different measuring ranges, the applied measuring range depends only on the dimensioning of the measuring shaft of the customer.

Smart sensors for numerous industries

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